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Need lawn drainage? Let us do the dirty work! We can provide a variety of yard drainage remedies including landscape drainage, pool drainage, French drains, downspouts and gutter tie-ins. Call today for a free consultation and learn how Olivier’s can help.

Yard & Lawn Drainage

There are various solutions to yard drainage problems. Each problem is unique and so is the approach to finding solutions. Some solved by simply diversion and some by a more complex pipe and excavation project. Olivier’s Sprinklers, Drainage & Lighting will evaluate your drainage problem, recommend the best design, or method while applying good common sense and our over 25 years of experience.

Stop dealing with water problems in your home and yard by installing, where necessary an in-ground drainage system. This is a permanent, long-term solution to your wet yard.

Yard Drainage problems can cause the following:

  1. Foundation and structural problems
  2. Stagnant water can be a breeding area for mosquitoes
  3. Standing water can cause wood rot and possibly spur termites

Landscape Drainage

Properly installed French drains can be an effective method of managing excess water in and around your landscaping. It is frequently used as an underground collection drain for protecting sensitive plant material and channeling water away from a home or building foundation.

Downspouts can contribute to standing water problems around a home or building. Drain lines can be helpful in removing this water away from a building when grading cannot be done or landscaping has locked in the runoff of roof water. Olivier’s Sprinklers, Drainage & Lighting specializes in these types of projects.

Pool Drainage

Daily maintenance on your pool will ensure that it keeps running smoothly for you year round. Draining your pool or removing the backwash during maintenance can be a big mess if you have no set-up and adequate system to deal with the water. Olivier’s Sprinklers, Drainage & Lighting can help resolve this problem.

Foundation Drainage

We have many drain systems at the foundation areas of homes. This will eliminate standing water which results in termites and water infiltration into your home causing wet carpets, wood floor buckling etc…

Our experienced staff can assist you in evaluating you irrigation installations/ repair, yard drainage project or outdoor lighting improvements, offers solutions and cost estimates. Whether your needs are sprinklers, drainage or lighting, we can help you – at affordable pricing and friendly service.

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