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Landscape Lighting

LED Lighting- Low voltage (12 volt) systems are popular for landscape lighting and are perfect for being creative when highlighting areas of your home, trees, gardens and other landscape features.

Residential and Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

                LED lighting beautifies your home or business while providing safe and secure environment by brightening darkened areas. Olivier’s Sprinklers, Drainage & Lighting can illuminate your walkways, driveway, and show the distinction of your landscaping for all to enjoy.

We service the LED lighting systems we install. Whether it is for minor adjustments due to shrub growth, new plantings, etc… Our service technicians are available to satisfy your ever changing needs.

LED Lighting Equipment

                Olivier’s Sprinklers, Drainage & Lighting uses commercial grade fixtures and materials from leading manufacturers in the LED lighting industry. Low Voltage LED Lighting saves 70% on your utility bill compared to conventional low voltage lighting.

All of our outdoor lighting installations include the following:

Voltage control: The system will be adjusted to deliver between 10.8 to 12.0 volts at each lamp to insure correct lamp operation, color and life.

Wiring: High-quality direct bury field and fixture wires shall be installed. Additional fixtures can be added as your landscaping/lighting needs grow.

Transformers: We install all stainless steel, UL listed multi-tap transformers with ultra-safe isolated secondary winding, magnetic circuit breakers or fuses and adjustable timers.

Fixtures: All fixtures are extremely durable and are available in several styles and finishes.


Our experienced staff can assist you in evaluating you irrigation installations/ repair, yard drainage project or outdoor lighting improvements, offers solutions and cost estimates. We can help you – at affordable pricing and friendly service.

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